Sky Plus

Sky Plus is a digital video recorder, or PVR (Personal Video Recorder) with a built-in satellite receiver. Together with a Sky digital subscription, Sky Plus gives you access to the entire world of Sky with an unparalleled choice of channels plus the ability to choose how and when you watch them. All these features are available on the Sky + HD box—the SD Sky+ is now discontinued.

 - Plan and record

 - Pause and rewind live TV

 - Auto record favourite series

 - Record two programmes simultaneously

 - Automatic Updates

 - One button recording

 - Record up to 40 hours of programming

 - Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound


The Sky Planner


The Sky planner allows you to store the shows you wish to watch and play them back, in any order, at any time to suit you.


Pause and rewind live TV


How annoying is it to sit down to your favourite programme only for the phone to ring? Stop interruptions from spoiling your viewing with the ability to pause and rewind live TV.


Auto record favourite series


Don't miss favourite programmes just because the A8 was at a standstill. Auto record every episode of popular shows which are series linked.


Record two programmes simultaneously


You have a dilemma, you're going out for dinner but Spurs are playing on Sky Sports and you're going to miss it. At the same time your wife wants to record East Enders on the BBC. With Sky Plus you'll be able to record both and watch them at a later date.


Automatic updates


Isn't it annoying when you buy a new piece of equipment, only for a later model with new features to come out next week? Sky automatically updates your system via satellite with its latest features, so you'll always keep up with the Jones'.


One button recording


Didn't know Sex and the City was about to start? Not to worry, with Sky Plus you simply use the record button to store it, no messing with tapes and no need to set timers.


Record up to 40 hours of programmes


Sky allows you to store 40 hours of your favourite programmes so there's plenty of space to keep the whole family happy.


Sky Anytime


A push-Video on Demand service for subscribers equipped with a Sky HD set top box or the PVR3 version of the Sky+ set top box.The Sky+ PVR automatically records programmes transmitted over-night.The service uses 140GB of previously reserved disk space on Sky HD boxes hard-disk space whilst on standard Sky+ boxes it uses 80GB of the hard-disk space. The service is intended to provide a catch-up of a selection of the last week's programming, and it also makes available a selection of programs for channels not currently subscribed to. It is not in any sense 'video on demand', as the user has no control over what material appears on their PVR.

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